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It is critical that you have a complete application packages in order to ensure that you are eligible
and qualify for the position you are applying  for. Incomplete applications can cause disqualification.

Below are some examples of essential information required for all applications.

Dates of Employment:
Specific dates for prior work experience are necessary to verify whether an
applicant has the appropriate general and/or specialized experience required of the position being
applying for. Specific dates are in the month/day/year format.

1/28/2008 – 12/1/2008 vs. 1/2008 – 12/2008
Hours per Week: Specific hours per week in conjunction with the dates of employment are
necessary to verify whether an applicant meets the general/specialized experience requirements. A
position that requires 1 year of specialized experience is defined as 1 year of full-time experience. An
individual occupying a position for 1 year, but working a part-time work schedule (less than 40
hours/week) would not meet this requirement.

Dates of Employment: 1/14/2008 – 5/29/2009
Schedule: Part-time schedule
Hours per week: 20 hours/week
This is a total of 1420 hours
1 year of full time experience = 2080 hours.
This applicant would not qualify for 1 year of prior work experience.

Job Duty Descriptions:
Detailed job descriptions for prior work history are necessary in order to
qualify an applicant for a specific position. These job descriptions are rated against a standard
position description for the position being applied to. Failure of an applicant to elaborate on prior job
duties may result is disqualification for the position.

Failure to include required attachments is one of the most common reasons for an
applicant’s disqualification for a position. If additional documentation is required for a position, such
will be stated in the specific vacancy announcement. Examples of additional documentation may
include academic transcripts, if qualifying based on education, or Veterans documentation, if
qualifying based on Veteran’s Preference. Failure to attach these documents makes it impossible to
qualify an applicant.